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Vietnam Dalat


If you plan to spend your holidays to Vietnam, do not forget Dalat.Dalat is a young city compared to other cities in the south of Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang as it was founded only in the late 1890s. Dalat is a south central Vietnamese town that offers travelers good weather, great food, fun shopping and plenty of things to do. Dalat features many interesting landmarks.
Visitors can spot French villas and chalets in the French Quarter located not far from the city centre.
The minority villages located nearby Dalat are a must for those wanting to see the ‘real’ Vietnam as the villagers are keeping their traditional ways of life extant.
Dalat has many options for fine and interesting dining.Dalat cuisine is all about fresh produce and lots of it.
Dalat is famous for its rich colonial atmosphere as well as for having many great natural sites.
The best hotels in Dalat are set within a tranquil landscape of flowers, waterfalls, farmlands, lakes, springs, and colonial French structures.This application provided information about Dalat in Vietnam as follow;...10 Best Cheap Hotels in Dalat...Dalat Attractions...Dalat Activities...Dalat Nightlife...Dalat Restaurants
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